MMHA Membership List March 2017

MMHA Members are represented by a Board of Directors and there are two member meetings per year. A mid-year summer meeting in June and an Annual meeting each November. Dues invoices are mailed by the MMHA treasurer in the Fall.

Benefits of Membership include: having YOUR voice heard in Boston on legislation that impacts your business! MMHA Board of Directors; Legislative Agent and Executive Director are on the lookout for actions that will affect YOUR business.

We have a voice on the national agenda, with membership in MHI, which all members benefit.

Members received routine updates on HUD policies and practices and local efforts. All are encouraged to submit issues to the MMHA Board of Directors for attention.

Two newsletter are sent each year and monthly e-blasts.

For information or a membership application call MMHA at 508-460-9523 or email

Become a member of MMHA!

Become a member of MMHA!