Definitions – Common Question

Manufactured Homes
A manufactured home is a factory built house constructed entirely in a controlled environment and built to the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards better known as the HUD Code.


Mobile Homes
Mobile Homes is a term used widely, but should only refer to this type of home produced prior to June 15, 1976, when the HUD code went into effect.


Manufactured homes are constructed according to a code administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD Code). The HUD Code, unlike conventional building codes, requires manufactured homes to be constructed on a permanent chassis.(vs. Modular homes are constructed to the same state, local or regional building codes as site-built homes.)

The code basically says the home has to be built “ready to be lived in.” The furnace and heat ducts are installed, the water heater and plumbing is completed; gas and electric lines are installed — all done at the factory. Manufactured homes come as a single or in multiple sections and are placed on a crawl space with frost pier foundation or flat on a basement.