HUD Code Factory Built Homes Installations

Massachusetts is one of 14 Default states, i.e. no state approved agency overseeing installation of homes.
The REQUIRED MANDATE of this program is outlined in 24 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 3280, 3282, 3285 and 3286.
This is part of the National MH Construction Safety Standards Act of 1974, and amended by the MH Improvement Act of 2000. (U.S.C. 5401).
Key items to remember:
1.Consumer Disclosure documented from the sale or lease agreement.
2.Unit Tracking Retailer Form HUD 305.
3.Installation Tracking Form 306., submitted within 30 days of installation.
4.Use of a HUD Licensed Installer
5.Use of a Qualified Inspector (as outlined in 24 CFR Sec. 3286.511)
6.Inspection Verification (HUD Form 309)
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